No lives should be lost waiting for a lifesaving transplant.
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In a world where organ transplant waitlist times reach critical lengths, live organ donation stands  as a vital solution. Currently, the average wait time for a kidney or liver transplant is measured in years, a timeframe that poses significant health risks for patients.

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Living organ donation provides a direct and immediate response to this crisis, offering a lifeline to those in need before their health deteriorates further. Key statistics highlight the considerable impact of living organ donation, including reduced wait times and improved long-term outcomes.

Your financial contribution can help save a life!

Choosing to be a live organ donor is choosing to be a beacon of hope, actively contributing to transforming lives and bridging the gap between organ demand and supply.

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Be Inspired, Be the Gift

“When I learned that my aunt needed a kidney transplant, I began the living donor evaluation process.”
Donated her kidney to her aunt
“There's nothing to regret. When your first thought after you wake up after surgery is ‘how is your recipient?’ it answers everything for you. That's why you did it. Because you care.”
Anonymously donated her kidney to a man she had never met
“There was absolutely no hesitation to register to be his living donor . . . When I first heard the news, I texted and told him, ‘If you want a piece of my liver, you got it.'”
Donated a part of his liver to his best friend

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